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The MODIKO® house delivers excellent thermal, hydrothermal and acoustic performance, as well as fire resistance. Tests and studies conducted at universities and laboratories prove the effectiveness of the MODIKO® system with regard to modern housing requirements.

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The MODIKO® construction system is a compact solution, 100% made of hot-dip galvanised steel of high structural strength and durability, which provides excellent rigidity and stability. Produced in a manufacturing plant, according to strict control and quality processes, it improves the quality of finishes, eliminating possible cracks and unevenness that are recurrent in traditional construction.

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The MODIKO® construction system is designed to respond to as many architectural solutions as possible, allowing for broad creative freedom in design and responding to customer needs regardless of the construction area.
We have a team of experts, who are ready to develop unique projects tailored to meet the needs of each customer.

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We only work with reputable partners in the market. Thus, our finishing products, coatings, and equipment are of the highest standard in the market.


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