We have a team of technical-commercial consultants, who advise you in the construction of your dream home.

We, together with our official business partners, offer a full range of services in each of the construction phases, in order to ensure the highest quality from design to completion.

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It all starts with an idea! Our mission is to make it a reality by building your dream home.

We offer a set of basic models (R, U and L), which you can select together with the number of bedrooms and floors you need.

We also present 3 MODIKO® ranges – Efficient / Comfort / Premium – to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you already have your own architectural design, our team will adapt it to the MODIKO® system, in order to take advantage of our solutions, quality and price.



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Once we have devised the solution that best meets your expectations, we design the project adapted to the context of the terrain and location, regulatory standards, as well as your budget.

Our technical team has extensive experience in contacting licensing and regulatory bodies, thus ensuring that the solution we propose is feasible and complies with all regulations in effect.

We prepare all the necessary administrative process to obtain the Municipality’s permit leading to the submission of the construction blueprints to the respective City Hall.



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We help you to fund your project.

We provide the necessary support in the financing process with our banking partners that offer the best conditions, and we accompany the entire financing process until approval.



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We help you select the best-qualified builders to construct your dream home and assist you when you sign the contract.

We have a wide network of experienced contractors that meet our quality standards.

A work schedule and detailed budget are drawn up in order to assess the total cost of your building project more accurately.

After approval of the project and the respective permit, we will start the construction of your dream home!



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We will provide assistance throughout the construction process until the key to your dream home is handed over to you.

We constantly maintain thorough supervision during all stages of construction so that they meet our quality standards. In addition, we are always at your disposal to sort out any doubts that may arise during the construction process.

At the exciting moment you receive the keys to your dream home, we will be right there by your side.



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